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Burlington Barstool

20.00 LBS
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    Burlington Barstool from City Collection. 


    18″ Wide
    22″ Deep
    30″ Seat Height
    43″ Overall Height 

    Available in bycast or top grain leather and a variety of wood finishes.

    Base: Wood, Ebony Finish  Shown In: Grade 2, White Sand

    The City Collection tailored modern furniture line encompasses the essence of European style with the ease of American sensibility and proportions.  Furniture must rise to meet you at the end of a stressful day and have the ability to calm and comfort your body and mood.  Our line is composed of contemporary and modern pieces paired with supple hand-rubbed Italian leather, exotic woods and precious metals,  that create balance and sophistication, while including the quality of construction that allows a City Collection piece to age gracefully in both style and construction.

    Each piece in the City Collection has it’s own personal aesthetic, yet when viewing the line as a whole there is an unmistakable and cohesive feel and style.  There are hundreds of design combinations that can be made with our models and vast leather color choices.  Stream lined designs and withstanding quality are our signatures.

    Grade 1 Leather

    Bycast leather (for dining chairs and barstools only) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.  It is a very durable and strong product and has a much more consistent texture, and is easier to clean and maintain.  Bycast leather is 100% leather and not to be confused with bonded leather.  Bonded leather is a plastic material (generally polyurethane or vinyl), backed with fabric with a layer of latex or other material mixed with a small percentage of leather fibers in the product’s backing material.

    Grade 2 Leather

    Top grain pigmented leather, which has been corrected to eliminate the visibility of imperfections in the hide, then pigmented with protected color for consistency and high durability, and then embossed for a consistent appearance. It is the most durable leather, is resistant to spills and sun light exposure, and the perfect choice for homes with children or pets. Requires very little upkeep and is between 1.2-1.4 mm thickness with a semi-gloss appearance. It is the most durable of all full or top grain leathers.

    Grade 3 Leather

    Semi aniline top grain leather. These leathers have been aniline dyed then had a minimal amount of pigment is added. Leathers will soften over time and develop a wonderful patina as they age. We use only the finest cowhides, which display natural characteristics such as small-healed scars and wrinkles. These leathers still have open pores which allow them to match your body temperature preventing the leather from being too hot or cold. These leathers are between 1.3-1.5 mm thick.

    Grade 4 Leather

    Top grain pigmented leather which is just slightly corrected to keep as much of the natural characteristics as possible.  Similar in appearance to our Grade 2 leathers these leathers are slightly thicker and have a more natural consistency.  Leathers are between 1.3 – 1.5 mm thickness with a semi matte finish.  

    Grade 5 Leather

    Semi aniline top grain leathers that have a buttery soft touch and will age beautifully.  These leathers are extremely thick and most scratches will be essentially absorbed, adding to the natural look of the leather.  These leathers are our thickest hides, ranging between 1.6 and 1.8 mm and have a semi-matte finish.

    Grade 5 Vintage Pull-Up leather

    A full grain, aniline dyed leather that is oiled or waxed. When pulled, the oils or waxes cause the coloring to migrate and become lighter in the pulled areas. This look is commonly associated with the highest quality leather furniture.  These leathers are for the true connoisseur who appreciates the natural beauty of leather and will develop a fantastic patina over time but are susceptible to fading from direct sunlight and will show wear.  

    Items from the stock ship in two weeks, custom orders ship in 8-10 weeks. Please contact us for an exact turnaround time. 

    Modern Style:
    Contemporary Style


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