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Art by Ono


A new addition to our Original Art Gallery, oil on canvas works by Ono Hakobyan. Artist's work is the characterial nature of the details that is more emphasizable. It seems as if the artist builds the painting out of individual - often contrasting in nature, broken-in-half metaphoric- episodes, then "erases" the structure, the metaphor, the image, the outline, the figure, even the color and creates, as a result, an overall internal image of the details' synthesis. 

Ono Hakobyan realizes/makes the color "real"/ "brings to life" the color separately. In the most recent works of the artist, although the images do get more emphasized and in some cases make attempts to "get in shape and be complete", a tendency to a "smoothing" in colors is nevertheless noticeable. It is as if the artist is densifying the hues, and all the hues involuntarily "turn blue". 

Ono Hakobyan's art works dismantle the importance – also in its verbal sense- of the art work, the existence of the author/artist and turn the internal space of the canvas into a platform of intensifying colors…


2016 - Group exhibition at Belarusian National Arts Museum (Minsk)

▪2015 - Personal exhibition at Armenian National Aesthetics(art) center

▪2011 - Group exhibition coordinated by United Nations 


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